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Resume Checklist

The following checklist has been designed to assist you in writing your resume.

  1. Overall appearance...
    makes an immediately favorable impression
    is inviting to read
    is easy to read
    looks professional

  2. Contact information...
    is clearly presented at the top.
    includes address information; permanent and temporary
    includes telephone number(s) where you can be reached from 9am to 5pm

  3. Objective (optional; use if yours is specific)...
    includes type and level of position sought
    includes type and size of organization sought
    emphasizes strongest qualifications and skills pertinent to desired job

  4. Organization...
    highlights strongest qualifications or credentials
    uses headings to help establish common ground with employer e.g., Graduate Business Education, Professional Social Work Training, Retailing Experience
    is brief - usually one page unless you have 5-10 years experience

  5. Content...
    demonstrates ability to do the job and speaks to employer's needs
    supports and substantiates objective
    stresses transferable professional skills, accomplishments, and results
    contains only that personal data relevant to your objective e.g., language skills, computer skills
    omits racial, religious, or political affiliations unless a bona fide occupational qualification

  6. Education section includes...
    most recent degree or program in which you are enrolled; date of graduation or anticipated date
    list of other degrees or relevant higher education, training certificate programs, licenses, or short courses
    name and location of university, college, or training institution
    major, minor, and/or area(s) of concentration or interest
    relevant coursework, skills, or knowledge acquired through research or projects
    GPA, honors, and awards
    percentage of educational expenses earned

  7. Extracurricular activities section (optional) includes...
    list of most impressive offices held, including title and organization
    leadership roles and transferable skills
    pertinent professional memberships

  8. Experience section...
    Each paid, volunteer, extracurricular, intern, or co-op experience relevant to your objective, includes: title held, organization name, city, state, or country location (if not U.S.)
    dates position held
    position description that stresses transferable skills, previous accomplishments, and effectiveness (rather than a mere summary of past duties and responsibilities)
    specific examples of successes and results supporting your objective
    examples that quantify results or successes e.g., increased sales by $50,000, reduced turnover by 25%

  9. Language...
    is expressed in succinct manner
    uses action verbs to begin phrases
    has short action-oriented phrases instead of complete sentences
    is free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors
    is in active rather than passive voice
    uses vocabulary of working world e.g., Sales and Marketing Employment, Budgeting Experience

  10. Layout and space utilization...
    is crisp and clean
    separates sections and incorporates enough blank space for easy reading
    centers text with adequate margins

  11. Highlighting and emphasis...
    uses bold type, underlining, different type styles and sizes, to emphasize key words
    is well balances - does not use highlighting and emphasis too frequently

  12. Printing and production...
    paper is high quality; heavy weight bond
    paper is off-white, ivory, light tan, light gray, or other conservative and conventional color
    reproduction is clear, clean and professional
    print is letter quality, never photocopied

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